"I've been taking Pilates from Tracey for 4 years now!  Pilates always provides the results I'm looking for.  I have chosen to take privates because I love the one on one training and challenges customized for MY body."

-Laurie, Edina


"I was new to PIlates when I first met Tracey.  I am older and was a bit nervous about starting classes.  I love my routine of 2 classes and 1 private session per week.  I love the accountability and social aspect of the classes and very much appreciate the one on one attention which teach me how to apply the exercises to my own personal needs in a class setting.  Very effective.  I just LOVE training with Tracey!"

-Ann, Shoreview


"I am very athletic and love a good challenge!  Pilates has helped me tone and strengthen my body to further excel in all of my areas of fitness- cycling, hockey and running.  I find that incorporating Pilates into my routine I am stronger, feel better all around and have improved my race times!  Nothing compares to the efficiency and results of Pilates!!  Pilates isn't just for women, it's for men, too!  I've never worked my core, triceps, shoulders and especially obliques like this!!!"

-Scott, North Oaks


"I've had a bad knee for years and had a knee replacement.  It was always painful and did not allow me to have an active lifestyle.  With Tracey's gentle instruction, I was able to rehab my knee strengthening the muscles around the joint which made me stronger and able to regain the ability to exercise and move through my day with NO PAIN!  It makes me very happy to stand tall and feel stronger while developing a long, lean body (which I NEVER had before!).   Thank you for changing my life and helping me find pleasure in exercise and my day to day life, again!

-Judy, Minneapolis